OxypDesignPLR Themed Bonus Page

Welcome to my Themed Bonus Page (for seasonal products like Christmas, Winter, …)! On this page, you can choose a bonus for the product that you have bought through my link.

I have also:
– my Main Bonus Page
– a Sudokus Bonus Page in MRR if you like Sudokus

If you purchase a product and buy the upsells, you can choose an additional bonus for each upsell purchased.

For example, you buy the front offer and 3 upsells, you can choose 4 bonuses! Super easy!

To Claim Your Bonus(es):

Buy the product through my affiliate link in my newsletter.

Forward your receipt to Virginie@OxypDesignPLR.com and tell me what bonus you want.


For some PLR sellers, or for some sales in Warrior Plus, I could provide different instructions in my newsletter.

Christmas (MRR)

Christmas Reindeer – 15 Clip Arts
Christmas Elf Girl – 15 Clip Arts
Christmas Elf Boy – 15 Clip Arts

Halloween (MRR)

Cauldron – 15 Clip Arts
Ghost- 15 Clip Arts
Witch Iridescent – 15 Clip Arts
Pumpkin Iridescent – 15 Clip Arts
Witch Purple – 15 Clip Arts

Happy Creating!

Virginie @ Oxyp Design PLR